Thursday, May 27, 2010

Weird Dreams

The dream I had last night was pretty strange.  I was in some random school that was surrounded by a wooded area.  We went out and explored the woods and came back in, but we could move faster by bunny hopping (the FPS term, jumping repeatedly allows you to move faster in many engines including the Source engine).

One of my classmates was Saten Ruiko from Railgun (currently pictured in my MAL signature).  I think we were getting ready for a school trip because everyone had their bags full of clothing, toiletries, etc.  In the next room there was just a massive amount of shirts hung up on round racks like in clothing stores, and they were packed so close together it was practically a jungle.  I had fun sneaking up on people and scaring them.

I'm unsure if it was related, but I ended up in a small apartment that was apparently Chris Crocker's home.  I killed it with a shotgun and went into another room where there were a ton of baseball trophies.  Upon leaving the room, I was on a boat and we were grilling and there was music playing.

Then suddenly I was back in the school.  There was a purple pair of panties on the floor, among everyone's bags (I guess we hadn't left on that school trip yet).  A few minutes later Saten was looking for her panties and asked if I'd seen them (lol).  I asked if they were purple, she said no, they were pink.  I gave a shrug.   Somehow I ended up with the purple panties and a black bra that I later found.  I couldn't find who owned them so I just left them on a table.

So...  yeah...  FPSes, anime, female underwear, and killing internet has-beens.  What is this I don't even.  Also, certain parts I felt like I was in control.  This has happened before.

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