Friday, May 21, 2010

Anime rewatch list

This is the companion post to the one with my anime backlog in it.

Sometimes I just need to watch something again.  It just becomes time to watch it again, I can't quite explain it.
  • Love Hina (Citrus or miki_sei or whatever his name is these days wanted to borrow the christmas/spring movies and I remembered it'd been a while since I last watched it.  If he's up for it maybe we can marathon it together.)
  • Lucky Star (Konami ftw)
  • To Aru Majutsu no Index (this one has an extra hidden item: I'll probably rewatch To Aru Kagaku no Railgun directly after it)
  • Steel Angel Kurumi (one of my favorite series ever, also merger of science and mysticism (series with this as an element are automatically awesome))
Well, it's not all that big, but it's the contents that count. (that's what she said)

As far as my progress working through my backlog goes, you could infer it from looking at my MAL sig above, but since that last post I've watched:
  • Canaan (girls + guns + supernatural powers = awesome)
  • Maria Holic (despite taking place at a religious school, it's surprisingly non-preachy)
  • Strike Witches (merger of science and magic + lolis + saving the world + yuri = when is season 2 airing)
Again, doesn't look like much, but other than Tsukihime (lol) I just have the longer series left.  Those need a little more planning for marathon watching since I need to set aside 8 hours, not 4.

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