Monday, May 31, 2010

Oh yeah, that's why we don't go to my grandfather's house...'s a mess.  He has very strange tendencies and protocols, and he lives far enough from the city that he doesn't have trash pickup.  He washes things like used paper plates, plastic zipper bags (avoiding trademarks here), and aluminum foil.  I don't think his sponges have been replaced in several years.  He loads the dishwasher with several days' worth of dishes, letting food residue harden on them in the meantime, so his utensils are incredibly stained and covered with stuff that isn't ever going to come off.

I could go on, but I won't.

The reason we were out there?  Apparently it was something to do with Memorial Day.  I dunno for sure, my parents only told me of it yesterday and acted like I already knew.  We had some freshly caught fish on the grill and some salad and cole slaw.  He saw fit to lecture me about how to get the fish off of the bones.  Dessert was some watermelon that I passed on because I don't like watermelon, and some apple pie.

Blah.  I guess it's pointless ranting about it since he's in his 80s or whatever.  He unintentionally flushed us out of the house after the meal by turning on some Patsy Clyne (who?) and turning it up really loud (he's almost deaf and doesn't like to wear his hearing aids or something).  We were taking advantage of his deafness to point out everything we noticed that wasn't the least bit clean to each other.  We had to eat the meal with salad forks because the regular ones were covered with the aforementioned unremovable food residue.

Oh wait, I said I was going to stop.

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