Plastic Instrument Page

Got two reliable PS2/3 GH5 guitar controllers! Let the plastic shredding continue.

For a more live version of this, you'll want to browse through on ScoreHero.  That page only lists FCs/Overstrum 100%s though (all are FCs unless the comment says it's an overstrum), whereas this page will list other accomplishments I feel reasonably satisfied about.  Also, everything on this page is on Expert unless otherwise stated.

Fun facts:
First FC ever: Heart Shaped Box in GH2
First Full Game Five Star: Guitar Hero: Smash Hits on Bass (February 13th, 2010)
Second Full Game Five Star: Guitar Hero: World Tour on Bass (August 2nd, 2011)
Third Full Game Five Star: Guitar Hero 5 on Bass (November 8th, 2011)
Fourth Full Game Five Star: Band Hero on Guitar (September 30th, 2011)
Fifth Full Game Five Star: Band Hero on Bass (September 30th, 2011)
First ScoreHero console-specific 1st place score: GH:M Enter Sandman Expert Bass (now 6th place)
Longest standing console-specific 1st place score: GH:SH Hey You Expert Bass (July 3rd, 2009 - January 9th, 2014) (now 2nd place)
Yet another console-specific 1st place score: GH:VH Safe European Home Expert Bass (January 17th, 2012) (still standing as of 2015-07-17)
More console-specific 1st place scores: BH: The Adventure, Love Story, Our Lips Are Sealed, She Will Be Loved, Sugar We're Goin' Down, Walking On Sunshine, You Belong With Me, You Had Me Expert Bass (September 30th, 2012) (2015-07-17 edit: Struck out songs no longer 1st place scores)

Guitar Hero 1

Guitar Hero 2
3/64 FCs (Parasite, Mr. Fix It, Heart Shaped Box (not entered on ScoreHero))
Intentionally left Yes We Can locked.

Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks The '80s
1/30 FCs (We Got The Beat, sightread)
29/30 5* (sightread)
1/30 4* (Play With Me, sightread)

Guitar Hero 3
16/70 FCs
66/70 5*
2/70 4* (Nothing For Me Here, The Way It Ends)
2/70 0* (Raining Blood (3* Hard), Through The Fire And Flames (3* Hard) (3* Expert imminent?))
Suck My DickKiss - -2 on a stupid hook in Suck My Riff 2, FC'd everything else including the fast strumming
The Way It Ends - 314k (5* cutoff: around 361,774)
Nothing For Me Here - 145k (5* cutoff: 167,354)
Close to optimal: Closer - 277,374 (200 points off of optimal, missed the last front end squeeze)

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (the game that doesn't exist)
0/41 FCs (I almost had an FC of Dream On but SP active + Joe Perry's Fretboard = notes the same color as the fretboard = missed an easy green)
40/41 5*
1/41 3* (Joe Perry Guitar Battle)
GH3 engine (sustains and ticks) + GH2 HOPOs + Joe Perry's fretboard for over 60% of the game = balls

Guitar Hero: World Tour
17/84 Guitar FCs
80/84 Guitar 5*
2/84 Guitar 4* (Hot For Teacher (5* Hard Guitar), Soul Doubt)
2/84 Guitar 3* (Overkill, Satch Boogie (4* Hard Guitar))

42/84 Bass FCs (50% FCs!)
84/84 Bass 5*
Close to optimal: What I've Done (Expert Bass) - 96,050 (400 points off of optimal, but fuck if I'm playing Linkin Park anymore)

Guitar Hero: Metallica
4/49 Guitar FCs (For Whom The Bell Tolls, Nothing Else Matters, Toxicity, The Unforgiven)
43/49 Guitar 5*
6/49 Guitar 4* (Hit The Lights, Battery, War Ensemble, My Apocalypse, Fight Fire With Fire, Dyer's Eve)

7/49 Bass FCs
42/49 Bass 5*
5/49 Bass 4* (Ace of Spades, Battery, Hit The Lights, My Apocalypse, Whiplash)
2/49 Bass 3* (Dyer's Eve, Fight Fire With Fire)

Guitar Hero: Smash Hits
7/48 Guitar FCs (Hey You, I Love Rock 'N Roll, Killer Queen, More Than A Feeling, Smoke On The Water, Heart Shaped Box, Take Me Out)
44/48 Guitar 5*
2/48 Guitar 4* (Psychobilly Freakout, Raining Blood)
2/48 Guitar 3* (Play With Me, Through The Fire And Flames)

8/48 Bass FCs (Godzilla, Hey You, I Love Rock 'N Roll, Killer Queen, Take It Off, Take Me Out, Heart Shaped Box, Nothin' But A Good Time)
1/48 Bass 100% overstrum (Hit Me With Your Best Shot)
48/48 Bass 5* (and before you say lolbasseasy, play YYZ, Caught In A Mosh, and The Trooper on Expert Bass)

Guitar Hero 5
18/85 Guitar FCs
1/85 Guitar 100% overstrum (Smells Like Teen Spirit)
82/85 Guitar 5*
3/85 Guitar 4* (Done With Everything Die For Nothing, Scatterbrain (Live), The Spirit of Radio (Live))

24/85 Bass FCs
85/85 Bass 5*

Guitar Hero: Van Halen
4/47 Guitar FCs (Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love, Jamie's Cryin', Pretty Fly (For A White Guy), Stacy's Mom (sightread))
1/47 Guitar 100% overstrum (Safe European Home (sightread))
39/47 Guitar 5*
4/47 Guitar 4* (Cathedral (first pass), Hang 'Em High, Loss of Control (sightread), Romeo Delight (sightread))
4/47 Guitar 3* (Eruption (first pass, 12th try), Hot For Teacher (sightread), I'm The One (sightread), Spanish Fly (sightread))

7/44 Bass FCs (Double Vision (sightread), Master Exploder (sightread), Pain (sightread), Runnin' With The Devil (sightread), Safe European Home (sightread), Stacy's Mom (sightread), White Wedding (Part 1) (sightread))
42/44 Bass 5*
2/44 Bass 4* (Hang 'em High (sightread), Sick, Sick, Sick (sightread))

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
Don't own a 360.

Band Hero (aka Babby's First Guitar Hero)
14/65 Guitar FCs (11 sightread)
1/65 Guitar 100% overstrum (Warwick Avenue (sightread))
65/65 Guitar 5*

19/65 Bass FCs (all sightread)
65/65 Bass 5*