Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This Just In: Free Stuff is Hard to Resist

So in case you've been living under a rock, you probably know that Valve released Steam for the Mac earlier this month.  To celebrate, there's a special deal.  Portal is free.

Yeah, I know I'm about the last person in the world to post about this.  Whatever.

I love puzzle games and had wanted to play Portal at some point, but never really had the money to get it (unemployment ftl).  But since it was free and legit, why not?

Since getting it I've beaten it four or five times.  For a game that's as good as it is, it's pretty short.  I've got all the achievements I really care to get.  Basically all of the ones you can get playing the game normally, and the achievement for finishing two of the advanced levels.  I might do the rest of the advanced levels, but it'll take some time.  The challenges I might do (I have bronze on one of them, for doing level 13 in 9 portals, and I know how I can shorten it by at least couple more), but it's not my top priority.

All of the achievements except for Camera Shy and Transmission Received I got on my first playthrough.  My second playthrough I went for Camera Shy and somehow came up two fucking cameras short.  On my third playthrough I got that as well as Transmission Received.

Earlier I was playing around with the console, giving myself all the Half-Life 2 weapons (despite not actually owning HL2), getting the upgraded portal gun early, having fun with noclip, etc.  I noclip'd my way to the room with the cake (and companion cube) in it that you see at the end, as well as the outside world area they have for that one scene.  It's kind of weird, the cake makes metal noises if you hit it with the crowbar.  Also, if you move the companion cube, it doesn't move it back before the end cutscene.  Just for kicks I noclip'd to the top of the shaft that you fly down just before seeing the cake in the cutscene and grabbed the chair on one of the ledges.  Put it by the table with the cake.  Yeah, noclip is fun.  Though you do have to watch how you use it, or you could end up like this guy.

Portal is pretty good, and it's still free until the 24th, so if you don't have it, grab it while you can!

On a side note, I would love to use a jump break but Blogger isn't putting the "click here to continue reading" link in the post.  It still properly does the jump break, but...  yeah.  Also, I swear that I enabled the thing at the bottom of the post that says "Posted by XT-8147" but it's not showing up.  Blogger's full of bugs in that area, on Random Bullshit I disabled the comments link early on in the setup, and re-enabled it later but it never showed up.  Reactions haven't worked in either place.  What the fuck.  Do they even test their features?

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