Obligatory About Me Page

Because the last one was such a clusterfuck that I didn't know where to begin fixing it.  TAKE TWO!

History of the Name

Back in high school, I was really into the six-degrees-of-freedom FPS, Descent.  Even though its gameplay was so repetitive, it was amazing because it was the only full 3D game on the market at the time.  Other games could try and simulate it, but it was mostly a system of giant hacks that made you think it was full 3D when in fact that platform wasn't actually there when you had the ability to walk beneath it.

Descent (and its sequels) have you enter a "pilot name" on startup.  It uses this as a profile, to store all your saves, your game options, and your controls.  Really the only place it's used is the "pilot select" screen so it knows what profile to load, because back then not many houses had more than one computer and it was entirely conceivable that multiple household members would want to play the same game and have the ability to store and recall their own settings and savegames.  Regardless, I felt like I had to come up with something, and I wanted something vaguely robotic in nature.  However, I'm really bad at coming up with names.  So I closed my eyes and hammered on the keyboard for a bit.  I think I deleted most of the gibberish that resulted, but what I was left with said "XT-8147".  The rest, as they say, is history.

Interests and Whatnot

Cooking, food, spicy food, computers, gaming, music, anime/manga.

Computers: both gaming and programming.  Web design is cool too.  Programming and web design are hobbies, but occasionally I do make money off of them.

Gaming genres: Arena and linear story-driven FPS (no CoD rehashes), RPG, Racing, Puzzle

Music: I enjoy both listening and playing.  I've played almost every well-known instrument, with the general exception of stringed instruments.  I want to learn guitar, but lack a guitar to learn on.

Occasionally I read books.  Not so much anymore, but in the past I've enjoyed reading anything written by Douglas Adams (for example, Hitchhiker's Guide and Dirk Gently), and 1984.

As far as movies and TV shows are concerned, I mostly stick to comedies.  They're the only sure-fire bet these days.  Besides, if you don't like laughing, you're not human.  I'll also watch action, sci-fi, and fantasy/medieval stuff.

In the past, I was a lot more into anime than I currently am.  These days it's 90% moeblobs and BOOBS EVERYWHERE.  While both of those have their place, that place is not 90% of everything airing in a season.  All I want is season 4 of Full Metal Panic...

I do still read manga, and this will be the way I go in the future.  What can I say, bitten by too many anime adaptations that were either horrible or tolerable at best.  Or cases like Koe de Oshigoto!, which only got the first eleven chapters adapted into two (censored, even on blu-ray) episodes, and ground to a halt.

Random Other Things

I'm an introvert and have a hard time with social anxiety.  This social anxiety even applies to the internet.  If I've ever just stopped responding to you, I'm not an asshole, I swear.

I have an extremely logical mindset, to the point that it's very different from a lot of people I know.  For instance, a lot of people I know don't consider the day to have changed until they go to sleep, even if they stay up past midnight.  This causes issues when we decide to meet somewhere at midnight.  I never know what they mean by "Midnight Wednesday".  To me, that means I get in my car on Tuesday evening to meet up, but to them it generally means I'd have to get in my car on Wednesday evening instead.

I really like Chrono Trigger.  I own four physical copies of the game.  In order of purchase, I have the PS1, DS, SNES, and Super Famicom versions.  All except the Super Famicom version have been extensively played to the point where all characters are level 99 with maxed out power/magic/speed (and on DS, hit/stamina as applicable), and I have enough of all the endgame gear and best accessories that I don't need to do equipment swaps.  The only reason that the Super Famicom cartridge doesn't also contain such a save is because I'm lazy.  Also, after getting a Wii U, I bought the Wii Virtual Console release.  Haven't done much on it, though.

Soft G.  If you don't know what this means, don't worry.  If you're a "Hard G" person, please die.  I've heard all the "Hard G" arguments and none of them have an actual base in logic.

If you see an XT-8147 or an XT8147 on the internet, it's probably me.  Reddit, Twitter, GameFAQs, YouTube, Steam, MyAnimeList, etc.

I'm a member of two social classes that are routinely discriminated against in America and elsewhere: night owls and introverts.