Sunday, May 16, 2010

Classic DOS Games: Windows 3.1? Waitaminute...

Yeah, Windows 3.1 runs quite well in DOSBox.

Just to stay on the safe side of legality, I can't offer a download link.

Setting it up takes a little work.  With the right drivers you can get actual semi-decent video modes.  I have it running 1024x768 with 16 bit color.  The resolution can go higher, but my monitor doesn't go much higher...  lol ancient CRT

Anyway, everything you remember about Windows 3.1 is there, because, it IS Windows 3.1.  Just in case you think you forget, I'll mention Hotdog Stand and canyon.mid.

Here's a screenshot of me not actually using the Hotdog Stand theme (it's deliciously eyebleeding), but I am listening to canyon.mid.

And here's a screenshot of me using the Hotdog Stand theme, but not listening to canyon.mid.

While Windows 3.1 technically isn't a game, it does come with Solitaire and Minesweeper (which you already have installed in your undoubtedly more recent version of Windows), and if you install the Win32s addon that allows it to run 32 bit programs, you'll have Freecell (which again you probably already have).

However, if you have old 16 bit Windows games that act weirdly in a more recent version of Windows, this is the perfect environment to run them in.  Unfortunately I don't believe networking works in Windows 3.1 under DOSBox.  Also notably absent is scroll wheel support.  Welcome back to the good old days, when mice maybe had two buttons, were blocky non-ergonomic devices, and connected via 9-pin serial ports.

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