Friday, May 14, 2010

Quitting Caffeine Again

I already quit it once.  From about 8th grade on to my first year of college (and a few years after that, don't remember exactly when I quit the first time) I was pretty much absorbed in the stuff.  Quit by substitution, every time I had the urge for caffeine I'd consume something non-caffeinated instead.

That worked out beautifully.  I still had caffeinated drinks when I went to restaurants with friends/family, but my consumption was drastically lower.

Then I discovered Coke Zero, and back on the caffeine machine I went.

This time, quitting is part of a larger project of drastically cutting back on my soda consumption as a whole.  I've procured some Fanta Zero (which is pretty good) and I'll be gradually substituting it in for the Coke Zero.  Then I just have to reduce the amount I consume and we'll be good.

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