Monday, May 24, 2010

Chinese Spammers GTFO my blog

Seriously.  I delete your comments.  You're also the reason why any comment on a post that's more than a day old gets moderated.

I want to eventually have people comment on a somewhat regular basis.  This is really hard because I don't have a set theme or topic, but it'd be nice.  Spam comments are absolutely meaningless to me.  They don't make me feel better about what I posted, they don't provide additional insight, etc.  They're just wasting space on the internet.

Blogger could make some changes to their commenting controls.  Currently the options are:
  • Anyone - includes Anonymous users
  • Registered Users - includes OpenID
  • Users with Google accounts
  • Only members of this blog
I have it set to Registered Users.  I also have the captcha enabled, but it's pointless because blog authors are exempt from it and every spammer that's ever commented has an empty blog for the sole purpose of getting around the captcha without even having to try.

I get spam followers on Twitter as well.  I'll go on Twitter and notice that my number of followers has gone up from three, then look at the page of my new follower and surprise, every single post is a headline and a shortened URL.  The shortened URLs are usually through a URL shortener that displays an interstitial ad before redirecting you to where you actually want to go, so I don't even dignify them with clicks to see what they're posting about (even though I won't see the ad anyway, /hug AdBlockPlus).

Every spam follower I've gotten has been blocked and reported for spam.

Once again, I'd love for real, live people to follow me on Twitter.  Three real live people do in fact already follow me on Twitter.  I know they're real because:
  • Their posts don't all conform to the same format.
  • They post stuff about what's happening, which is what Twitter's actually for.
  • I know all three of them in real life (and I'm following them).
So, yeah.  In short, reiterating a point you know very well by now if you've read any of my posts here: I hate spam.  The meat is fine.  The unsolicited internet communications, not so much.

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