Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Linux Mangaka Moe Fail

I'll say right up front: the outcome of this review should be 100% obvious.  This linux "distro" sucks.

But why does it suck?

I'll admit, I wasn't expecting much.  In the end, I got less than what I expected.  What could one possibly expect from a linux distro aimed at anime/manga fans/fansubbers/scanlators?

Here is a list of the things I expected:
  • From looking at the screenshot on the page with the download link, I expected it to be a reskinned Ubuntu with a custom set of preinstalled applications.
    • I was right.
  • When booting the livedisc in a VM to test it out, I expected to log on automatically (as is done on a regular Ubuntu livedisc); click Install, enter account information, time zone information, etc. (as is done in a regular Ubuntu install); and have it install.
    • No automatic logon.  The livedisc has a regular user account, and root.  The regular user account cannot perform the install.  You must LOG ON AS ROOT to install.
  • After unmounting the ISO and rebooting the VM, I expected to be able to log on as the user I created during the install.
    • No such luck, the user wasn't present.  Furthermore, upon logging in (as root) I discovered that it was acting like the livedisc, even when installed to the hard drive.  The Install option was still present.
  • I expected the regular user to have access to the same application set as root.
    • Sadly, nope.  It has an entire Wine menu that only appears in the system menu when you're logged on as root.  This menu contains 7-Zip and Notepad, like there aren't readily available graphical archiving utilities and text editors for linux.  Only root has the Terminal in its menu.  A terminal is necessary for anyone with even a passing knowledge of Linux, some things are just flat out simpler and easier to do on the command line and it's simply not feasible to have a GUI frontend for every last command in linux.  Hell, even Windows has things you can only do from the command line.  Both of these could probably be fixed with enough poking around, but I shouldn't have to do that.
  • I expected Firefox to be, you know, a default install of Firefox.
    • What do you think?  Firefox was configured to look like Chromium.  Or maybe it was Chromium with Firefox's icon and "Mozilla Firefox" in the titlebar (yeah, it had a titlebar), who knows.  I didn't use it long enough to check.
  • Being targeted at the anime/manga community, I expected some anime wallpapers.
    • Well, at least I got this one.  Not that any of the characters were recognizable.  I found where they were (/usr/share/backgrounds) and copied them to the samba share on my server for reasons unknown.
Two for six?  Linux is much better than this.  You're better off installing whatever fansubbing tools you want to use on a default install of Ubuntu if you want an Ubuntu-based Linux install to fansub with.  I deleted the VM, didn't even dignify the ISO by seeding it back to a 1.0 share ratio, and promptly deleted the virtual hard disk and the ISO. Good riddance.


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