Wednesday, May 19, 2010

food food food

I have a mini-vacation in the next two days.  My parents are going to be gone and I have to take care of the dog, but other than that, it's open.

I'm thinking it's prime time to marathon some anime.

I also have my food planned out.  Thursday night will be tacos (homemade ftw).  I procured a pound of ground bison and a box of Old El Paso Stand N Stuff taco shells.  A pound of meat makes ten tacos, and there's ten shells in the box, so it works out perfectly.  I doubt I'll eat ten tacos, but whatever.  More for another night.

I also procured another California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizza.  This one is rising crust rather than thin crust.  It's their BBQ recipe Chicken variety.  Yeah, I know, it has onions.  I'll cope with the heartburn.

Also for daytime snacking I have a large bag of Chex Mix.

I figure that with all that stuff, I'll be set for food.  I can make sandwiches for lunch, we have plenty of bread, mustard, cheese, and lunch meat, so that little issue was solved before it even came up.

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