Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lavos Dies!

Finally got off my ass and beat Chrono Trigger.  Farmed power tabs off of the battle with the lone Tubster in Black Omen and uselessly maxed Marle and Lucca's power.  Charmed a ton of speed tabs and got several more people to max speed.  The only stat that's difficult to max is magic since there are comparitively few magic tabs in the game.

The PlayStation version saves an extra save it calls a System File when you beat the game.  This unlocks things in the Extras mode, and getting the other endings will fill in the remaining stuff.

Now, about the battle with Lavos.  It was a pushover basically, given that my characters were all max level.  I used Crono, Ayla, and Frog.  Crono spammed Luminaire with the help of the Gold Stud accessory that cuts MP use by 75%, Ayla used items (and TripleKick on occasion, it pwns the left bit in Lavos' final form) and Frog cast *Heal as needed (mainly on the fights vs. Queen Zeal and the Mammon Machine, I fucking hate Hallation) and restored Ayla's status after Lavos' second form disabled her status protection.  There were no deaths at all, no panic moments, nothing.

Now I get to go through in New Game +, get more magic and speed tabs, and get the other endings.  I'm tempted to go do the developer's ending right now, but I think I'll wait.

Thanks to Square and Enix (they were separate companies back then) for making an awesome game and then porting it to the PlayStation.

Edit: well, I lied.  I went and got the developer's ending.  Which entails beating Lavos with just Crono and Marle.  It was easy.

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