Friday, July 30, 2010

Well Fuck

Turns out that if I want the Kryta area to go back to the way it was, I have to finish the War in Kryta.

Things were going really well with Frozen Soil in my build, but then after getting the key, clearing Shaemoor, and opening the door, my computer crashed.  Yeah, I'm stuck on A Little Help From Above.


Frozen Soil makes it tolerable.  You have to place it right since it dies easily, but with it in use my only remaining frustrations were group sizes and the strange pattern I've noticed in Shaemoor.  The first time I pull a group, it's impossible and I'll have to retreat.  Then, after resurrecting and healing up, I re-engage and it goes easily.  Repeat for the next group.  Regardless of whether or not they have healers.

So, Frozen Soil will be stapled to my skill bar until I finish War in Kryta, but I'll have to buy a bunch of Powerstones of Courage.

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