Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Plastic Possibilities

Being engineering-minded, I think I've come up with a possible solution to reanimate my guitar controller.  I probably won't do it, due to lack of materials and funds to obtain said materials, but I've gone over it in my head a few times and it seems like it'd work.

The problem is that rubber piece.  The spots that get the most wear are the thinnest.  So, we remove it entirely.  Pull each of the pads off of it and throw it away.

Then, carefully superglue each pad to the middle of each button.  There isn't a lot of plastic to work with, but super glue bonds pretty easily to just about anything, so it shouldn't matter.  I could superglue some paper to the bottom side of each button to give a better surface.  Preferably cardstock, so it's sturdy.

Next, I'd need some high rebound foam.  I think I have my terminology right here.  I want the foam to push the buttons back quickly after I release them.  Very quickly.  Instantly, if possible.  Cut the foam down to suitably small pieces, and situate them on the fret PCB with more superglue.

Then screw the whole thing back together and hope.

This could quiet down the fret buttons as well.  Honestly I'm not sure why they're so loud.

What I'll do instead: someone I know has a GH3 wireless Kramer that he's willing to part with, I'll just get that from him and fix it up.  It needs hardwiring and a paper shim.

What would be even better: get a job, save some money, buy Xbox 360 slim and 360 versions of GH/RB games, as well as various DLC.  Then get some Ions with cymbals, a double bass pedal set, and a real bass trigger with a Roadie Kick Box RB.  Basically just send a bunch of money over to Ryan at RockBandParts.com and have him ship me the best drum controller setup possible, that turns into real electronic drums by simply using a different brain.

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