Friday, July 23, 2010

Let the FCs resume.

I started up World Tour yesterday and re-FCed three songs (Guitar: Beautiful Disaster, Vinternoll2; Bass: No Sleep Till Brooklyn), only getting a higher score on No Sleep Till Brooklyn.  Then after entering that higher score in on ScoreHero, I was looking at my scores and noticed that I still hadn't gotten the FC of Feel The Pain on Bass.

Since it'd been a while, I played it through once to reacquaint myself.  I noticed that my drops were entirely stupid (overstrummed on a sustain at one point, and understrummed due to a brain fart).  Went through again, got an overstrum 100%.  Went back in a third time and finally got the FC.  It ended up being 4th place on PS2.  Can't really complain.

I guess I'll stay in World Tour for a while trying to get as many Bass FCs as I can.  I doubt I can get all 84, but I'll be happy with at least half.  I'm actually kind of near that right now (I'm at 38 of 84), so I might have to adjust that to 60% or so.  Even if it means playing the Tool songs again.  I don't know if I'll ever FC B.Y.O.B, but getting it 5-starred is just a matter of hitting more SP phrases.  Sweet Home Alabama is fairly easy (and fun), but is extremely chokable and has a long string of altstrumming at the end.

So I guess my ultimate goal in GH:WT Expert Bass is to have a sizable portion of the setlist FCed and the rest 5-starred.  Also if I can get Pull Me Under unlocked, I could sightread that.  I haven't bothered with career mode in a while and certain songs make career mode crash when the game is run off the hard drive...

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