Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Working Guitar Controllers GET!

As I mentioned previously, a friend had some PS2 guitar controllers he wasn't using, having switched over to RB2 on the Wii.  He dropped them off yesterday after we played some Alien Swarm (damn, that game is fun) and then I proceeded to distract myself from 7 PM to midnight reacquainting myself.

What he gave me: a GH2 Gibson SG, and a GH3 Kramer Striker.

The Kramer, as previously noted, needs hardwiring, and already has a paper shim.  If you look carefully along the left side of the neck you'll see his paper shim sticking out of it, I'll be replacing that with an entirely internal one when I hardwire it.

I did the reacquainting with the SG, since newer controllers have a select button that's over there. While I've almost gotten used to activating with the side of my hand, I still vastly prefer just using my ring finger on the Kramer.

The SG does have one issue: the strum bar can bounce back up and cause an overstrum.  This generally only occurs when I whack the strum bar and don't leave my hand on it to move it back slowly, which does affect my gameplay.  I found that I have a really hard time strumming and then whammying SP sustains with it, because I'd usually get an overstrum.  I don't really know what can be done to fix that, but at least the SG has regular phillips head screws instead of the annoying torx ones on the Kramer.

If I can't get the SG working to my liking, I can always just open it up and gank the rubber bit beneath the fret buttons to put it in my other Kramer...  assuming it's the same size of course.  It looks like it should be though, just from external inspection.

I also like the body of the Kramer a lot more.  The SG's just feels uncomfortable where my right arm rests on it, whereas I never noticed anything with the Kramer.  I'll have to see if this Kramer has the half-dead-from-factory whammy bar that my original one did.

I can play Guitar Hero again.  Yay.

Edit (2:25 AM): Hardwired the Kramer and replaced the external paper shim with an internal one.  Just for shits and giggles I tested it out in GH3's cheats menu before hardwiring, it was indeed in need of it as four of the five frets would flicker if the neck was moved even slightly.  Well, that's all taken care of now, works like a charm and the whammy bar is better than my original Kramer's.

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