Saturday, July 17, 2010

Marathon Frontier

Marathonned Macross Frontier.  It was really good.  It's one of those ones that even though it's really good, there's so many reasons that you can't really put your finger on any one specific one and say "that's the reason this series is good".

I lol'd at them basically producing Macross Zero at one point.  That was hilarious.

I don't really have a good screencap like I did for F/SN.  I'd planned on posting that picture, whereas here there wasn't really anything that I could screencap as I watched (it's not like I watch with my finger hovering on the save screencap key).

There was a temporary panic when I went to watch the series and noticed I was missing episode 18.  Luckily, I found the batch torrent from the group I'd gotten it from (anyone remember Menclave?), pointed it at all my complete files, and got episode 18 within an hour or so.  The significance of episode 18 and why I'd be missing it is simple.  Since I set up automated downloads using Azureus' RSS Feed plugin, I'd had it properly configured to get the episodes.  But between episode 17 and episode 18, Gekkostate left the joint project, so my filter no longer matched.  I guess I didn't notice until episode 19 came out, what with Menclave's slow releases and all.

Next up... I guess Rozen Maiden desu.

Also, my strict comment moderation settings caught some chinese linkspam.  Unfortunately, from the comment moderation panel, there's no way to get to a user's profile and then their blog, so it's useless for reporting the fuckers.  Another thing Blogger needs to fix.

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