Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools' Day ja naIKA

So there was going to be an April Fools' Day thing on the CAINE forums.  There really was.  I've been avoiding doing the things that make the site unusable for a day, like in previous years where everything filtered to desu or bacon, or the year I added the Unicode right-to-left marker to all posts to flip them around.

I was going to stick something hilarious up there, but a few days before, our host (the very possibly mis-named Dreamhost) fucked with permissions for everything and I can't edit anything to do anything.  That's why the banner for the Evangelion movie that we watched last Thursday is still up there instead of the one promoting the Escaflowne movie we're doing later this month.  Because I can't edit anything anymore.

We did manage to get in contact with the one of us who actually owns the site and has direct access to everything, and he said he fixed it, but it still isn't working.  I'm trying to communicate that to him, but... yeah.

So basically you'll just have to imagine that there was something incredibly funny on the site all day today.

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