Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rogue Galaxy: Deego's Battle Preparations session 1

Since I need to get Deego more abilities and stat boosts and whatnot before I can even think about taking on Gale, I pretty much need to grind items for his Revelation Flow.  I took this opportunity to use my newly-unlocked galaxy map travel to revisit a few places and pick up some missed items, most notably the Earth Key in the Chief's hut on Juraika.  It'd be really nice if there was a guide that has all the locations of all the chests that require these keys, as manually scouring everywhere I've already been for chests is going to take a while.

I was worried that since the mission to recover the tablet was essentially Jaster's test to see if he stays on the pirate ship, that returning to it before beating Gale would auto-fail the mission and give me a bad end, but it didn't.  So, whatever.  I needed to get items for peoples' respective Revelation Flows off of Juraika anyway.

While on Juraika, I made a note of where the keyed chests were that I don't yet have the proper key for.  I continued making these notes while revisiting Rosa and Zerard.  I was really hoping that one of the chests I found that required the Earth Key would give me either the Sun Key or the Star Key, but no such luck.  At least I'm now keeping track of the locations of these chests I'm going to have to backtrack for later.  Also, along the way I found a few regular chests that I'd missed, explored an entire area of the Starship Factory that I wasn't able to explore when going in there to fight Jupis, got some better items (one of which is a better axe for Deego, which he's too low level to use), and farmed some Revelation Flow and Factory stuff.

Deego now has the ability Top Dog, which increases his damage.  In addition, I've gotten him up to level 35, he's now only three levels behind the rest of the crew.

The factory stuff I did involved a lot of running around stealing people's ideasgetting blueprints, and then realizing I could make a few of them.  I now have access to the Trap Canceller, which disarms traps on trapped chests with 100% accuracy.  I also now have access to the Tri-Elixir, which refills everyone's HP and AP.

After having gotten two different fourth-wall-breaking quips from Kisala a few times ("Hey, shouldn't you save soon?" and "Wow, you've been playing forever.  Why don't you take a break?"), I decided maybe I should have a snack and stop playing for a while, so I headed back to Vedan where I'll really begin grinding Deego's experience levels.  There's a big beast there I need to hunt down anyway.

I'd love to get the items I need to unlock the abilities that are the precursors for Kisala's and Deego's Burning Strikes.  Unfortunately I have no clue where I need to go to get them.

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