Monday, April 23, 2012

Rogue Galaxy session 6

With Gale defeated, the story can continue.  Since I didn't leave the mines after the previous session, that was the first thing to do.  Fortunately there's a save point/teleporter nearby, so I could just teleport back to Angela's Bar rather than having to run back and go up the elevator to use that teleporter.

Apparently Angela decided to leave the place, and the crew talked Deego into stopping her, which ended up being the right decision.

Gale gets "seen off" by the Morarty family.  Or so they thought.  Gale pulls a gun and kills Zax Morarty and his henchmen.  Afterwards, he sees his old henchman and tells him he's free, only to get stabbed by him, fall down the stairs, and die.

Back on the Dorgenark, we informed Dorgengoa about what happened with the tablet and then we go after Daytron.  Apparently they're taking it to Rosa.  Kisala experiences some weird thing that she ends up explaining to Lilika.  Then we got to Rosa, finally.

Only to be interrupted by the president of Daytron manipulating the old Longardian commander into buying 300 new warships.  After securing the deal he then left for Rosa.

We arrived on Rosa, came up with a plan thanks to Jaster being the only one on the Dorgenark that knows Rosa (having grown up there and all...), and...  end cutscene.  During that final bit of the cutscene, Dorgengoa gave me a coin that's supposed to symbolize my membership of his crew or something.  Whatever, it was a revelation item, and unlocked an ability for Jaster.  Anyway.

Having regained control I poked around the menus and noticed I was able to select my party at will.  First order of business: Skip the planet and go back to Zerard to see if I can get anything else out of Galaxy Corporation.

On Zerard, I got three more quarries, and noticed that I'm four hunter coins away from a better license, which will mean reduced vendor prices and ability to buy more license-restricted stuff, though I've only noticed things that require a platinum license and my next one is gold.  Oh well.

One of the quarries I got was a monster in the Rose Nebula, so of course I had to go check that out.  I ended up having the item I needed and beat it right then.  The other two quarries are in the starship factory on Zerard and somewhere in the desert on Rosa.

With not a heck of a lot of side stuff to do, I went back to Vedan where I could get some challenge battles.  40 Hunter Coins thrown at stupid idol girl, Gold License gained.  Now I get a 20% discount at shops.  Now I just need to do 60 more challenges for the Platinum License...

After looking at some item descriptions I realized I now had the item necessary to trigger the fight for the quarry in the mines on Vedan, so I did that...  and promptly used all of my Max Heals and Healing Potions, most of my Tri-Heals, and started in on my Elixirs.  I guess I wasn't ready for that battle, but regardless I beat it, and jumped up to 17th in the hunter rankings.

After a resupply trip to Zerard to stock up on Max Heals and so forth, I headed back to Rosa and went to the ruins where the tablet was taken.  There I saved and decided to call it a night.

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