Monday, April 16, 2012

Ugh, Comcast

It's no secret, Comcast is one of the country's worst ISPs.  What sucks is, they're essentially the only choice for internet around here.  DSL is balls slow, and Verizon said "lol you know what, we're done rolling out FIOS, so if you don't have it, fuck you" a while back.

For the past few months I believe Comcast has been throttling my internet connection.  They've gotten in trouble with the FCC for throttling in the past, and that's what led to them putting the 250 GB/month limit in place.  The only problem: 250GB isn't nearly enough.

Think about it.  There's YouTube, Netflix, Steam, and any number of other entirely legitimate internet services that essentially rely on sending you large amounts of data when you request it.  Even if you don't save 250 GB worth of files from the internet to your hard drive every month, you can still easily reach the limit.  I myself use YouTube fairly often, and have a Steam account through which I download games periodically.

And this is where you begin to realize the conflict of interest.  Comcast wants people to pay them to watch their TV.  So they institute a low monthly cap on their internet connections to curb the amount of entertainment people can get that doesn't come from them.

I'm not sure how, but somehow this needs to end.  The difficult part is gathering evidence to prove that connections are being throttled in the first place.  It seems fairly obvious at first glance, because you can just say "hey, yesterday my connection was fine, but today it's slow as balls", but there are other factors that can come into play that they can easily try and shift the blame to.  What we need is proof that anyone that goes over 250 GB in a given month experiences slower connection speeds.  Which is difficult to obtain for most people because Comcast offers zero monitoring software to see exactly how much you've used.  Monitoring software does exist in various forms, for example, the router software pfSense contains a page that will tell you how much you've used.  There are also various freeware programs you can download to monitor it.

So, yeah.  Comcast, stop throttling my internet.  If I wanted to watch anything on any of the TV channels that you have, I'd watch it.  Hell, I do watch stuff, just not as often as I guess you'd like me to.  It's mostly auto racing and random free movies from your on demand service.  Speaking of your on demand service, can we get more Gabriel Iglesias Comedy Central specials?  You can re-run the old ones and I won't mind one bit...

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