Friday, April 20, 2012

White Belt

Yeah, couldn't resist the joke.

So in the interests of keeping current with the state of web development, I decided I'd better learn a JavaScript framework or two.  First up is the one that seems most like I would actually want to use it in a production setting, Dojo.

It has a really small footprint and you load in just the modules you need, which is exactly how I like my stuff to work.  If I don't need a portion of it, I can just not load it.  That means I don't have to have the code for all the fancy resource-intensive effects loaded just to hook a few browser events and do some AJAX requests.

I've done a few things with it so far just to teach myself various things.  They have some tutorials on their site that help, but I pretty much sidetracked into toying around with the parts I wanted to learn moreso than others.  I'll get to the rest eventually.

So I have three test scripts.  The first is your standard Hello World done via Dojo.  The second is adding a click event to a button that pops up an alert box when you click the button.  The third is making asynchronous requests for data after the page is loaded, perhaps better known in the industry as AJAX.

Also, I have an index page for the whole thing that uses AJAX to populate the list of all the stuff I've written and generate links to it all.

It's pretty simple and looks pretty powerful, I'm sure I'll get into it a lot more after I get some sleep.

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