Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rogue Galaxy session 4

I finally got around to looking up the location of the stupid Factory Key I needed to continue, and guess what?  It was in the same goddamn room as the place where it needed to be used.  Great.

Anyway, with that bullshit behind me, I progressed on and got up to Jupis, who summons a giant robot and pilots it in a boss battle.  He's got this annoying shield that blocks all your attacks, and the worst part is you just have to uselessly wail on it until Dr. Pocacchio comes and saves your ass by giving you a subweapon for Jaster that can break through the shield.

Partway through the battle Jupis gets pissed and puts the robot into deluxe mode, which makes it turn red and shoot fire.  It also becomes a lot more powerful, capable of one-shotting the entire party.  As it did to me.  Four times.  I don't think I ever mentioned before how fucking long it takes to get back into the game after a game over.  Yes, game, I get it.  I died.  Let me resume immediately instead of taking me back to the logos and the title screen and making me load my save.  Srsly.

Anyway, I did eventually defeat the stupid thing, and now I have access to this factory thing.  They pretty much immediately went "we have this awesome magical smelter, but it's not working...", so I went to all the trouble of making them one and the NPC dialogue didn't change.  "Fuck you guys, I'm going on with the story." is what I said.

...or so I thought.  The puzzle nature of the factory thing pulled me in just long enough that I made everything I possibly could.  Which was only three items, two of which were factory parts.  "So NOW I'm going on with the story..."

So I finally got what I came to this accursed planet for accomplished, and I'm going to set sail for some other, possibly less annoying place.  Which is a shame because I have these hunter coins from challenge battles that the game's help system says to exchange them for licenses at Galaxy Corporation, but I can't find where exactly I need to go within Galaxy Corporation to exchange them for licenses.  Oh well, on with the story I guess.

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