Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rogue Galaxy session 5

After everything that happened on that last planet, it seemed only appropriate that there was a little time for relaxing and wandering around the ship.  After a bit of wandering around, the captain woke up from his "nap" and everyone had to gather on the bridge.

Right away he sees that Jaster isn't actually Desert Claw.  No surprise to be honest.  Everyone gets over it pretty quickly and they convince him to keep Jaster on the crew.  Before giving Jaster a new assignment he reveals his secret plan: to find the lost planet of Eden that apparently vanished a long time ago.  But before we can do that we need these tablets, and someone's found one that could be one of the tablets that we're looking for on a mining planet.  So off we go.

Oh and by the way, finding the tablet and figuring out if it's one of the ones we're looking for is Jaster's mission.

Also, YESSSSSSS world map travel unlocked.  As I suspected from the last session when I finally got the ship's galactic travel visa renewed.  It only makes sense, right?

Anyway, party for this mission is just Jaster and Kisala.  I headed off of the ship and topped off my stock of restorative items at a nearby shop.  The captain did mention that the mine in question was controlled by the Morarty family, and indeed I had a run-in with their thugs pretty much right away after I got into the city proper.  But I did learn of a place where a lot of the miners like to hang out, a place called Angela's Bar.  So while keeping Angela's Bar on my mind, mostly because the party chatter wouldn't shut up about it, I roamed around the city fighting random encounters, opening chests, and "looking" for the place.

I don't know how exactly I'm doing it, but I keep having Jaster's Burning Strike hit for 1337 damage.

Once I "finally" found Angela's Bar, after noticing it, saving at the save point in front of it, opening the chests beside it, and then continuing on to finish exploring the city, I met a guy named Gale who seems like a guy in serious need of an ass whooping.  I also met a guy named Deego who later joined my party.  He knows where we can get some black market ID cards to get us into the mine so we can have a look at the tablet.  Sounds legit to me, let's go.

After getting the ID card, Gale and some goons attacked.  I dispatched them pretty easily (Desert Wind Lv2 FTW), but then we found out that Angela's Bar was on fire and we needed to get there right now.  I teleported there via the nearest save point and got clued in as to Gale and Deego's past.  With that done, all that was left to do was off to the mines to find the tablet and put an end to this whole thing.

At the very end of the mine I found Gale with a mining robot.  The robot needed its arms knocked off before I could damage it, and it took a lot of pounding, but it wasn't too difficult.  Then Deego challenges Gale by himself.  After cleaning up Deego from the previous fight I thought I had a chance but I ran in to land some hits and got killed on my way in.  Ugh, this is why I hate playing melee characters.  On my second try, I finished the first fight a bit faster and didn't have to heal Deego, but I still got gunned down by Gale relatively quickly.

I think I'm going to give this the "put it down and pick it up again later" treatment, which usually works for whatever reason.

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