Saturday, May 3, 2014

Pants Rant

I don't normally wear pants, but occasionally I do go outside, which typically requires wearing something below the waist.  During last MAGFest, a small hole in the upper leg of my pants became a gaping hole through which my leg and boxer shorts could be seen, so I went out to hunt down a replacement pair of pants in my size. 

I found one.  One pair of pants with the same waist/inseam as a pair of pants I have that fit just fine (that I happened to be wearing at the time).  Last I checked, the length of an inch hadn't changed.  I tried them on, and they fit just fine then.

Once I got them home and actually started to wear them, though, it became clear that they're way too tight around the man parts.  I can barely use the pockets.  In fact, with everything I normally carry with me in my pockets (Left: Wallet/3DS, Right: Keys/Phone/Sunglass clips), I can hit the outer buttons on my cell phone just by walking.  That's bad.  Also, I can't get anything into or out of my pockets while sitting down, which makes going through drive-throughs incredibly difficult.

So to whoever it was at Levi's that decided that mens' pants needed to be tighter around the crotchular area, fuck you, die in a fire.

Last pair of Levi's I'll ever buy.

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