Friday, May 9, 2014

Bravely Default Nemesis Strategy: Working Overtime

The Japanese version of this one has the name 五月病ナヅット.  If that third kanji is correct (reading incredibly pixellated kanji off of a 3DS screen FTL), then according to Google Translate, the name romanizes to "Satsukibyou nadzutto", and translates to "May disease Nadzutto".  I therefore went into the battle expecting to be on the receiving end of poison, though this ended up not being the case.  This nemesis was level 30.

Essentially, it's an HP-boosted revisit to the Thief asterisk fight.  Khint still leaves partway through, and doesn't take much damage here, so our strategy will just ignore him and focus on the thief.

Recommended party:
  • Three Black Mages, one White Mage.
  • Black Mages at least job level 7 for the level 3 Black Magic spells.
  • White Mage at least job level 8 for Angelic Ward.
  • Grind the Black Mages up to level 8 White Mage so they too can have Angelic Ward.
  • Grind the White Mage up to level 7 Black Mage so they can take Black Magic as a Job Command.
  • Standard "one Black Mage has Miscellany so they can Examine" comment.
  • Because of all the job level grinding I've done in the past, I was level 42 for the fight.
Special moves:
  • Rejuvenate (White Mage): best available HP/MP/BP boosts, and Cure K.O. (is there a better way to set up Rejuvenate?)
  • Withering Ripple (Black Mages):
    • Your best available consecutive turn boost.
    • Accuracy Down, M.DEF Down, and Speed Down.
    • Poison Res Down, Sleep Res Down, and one of your choice (i.e. doesn't matter).  I typically leave the third one on Silence Res Down, just in case I need to throw out some Silence.
    • Fire Res Down on all three.
  • Beware, the thief will Brave a fair amount, and use Godspeed Strike, which can deal a large chunk of damage to a single character.  Fortunately, Godspeed Strike costs 2 BP, so you get a built-in break to heal.
  • On the first turn, Examine the thief if you want to see his HP drop, and default on everyone else.
  • Use all three Withering Ripples as soon as possible.
  • Default whenever possible on your White Mage, until they're at 3 BP.  Once there, they can then join in on the Fira spam and only take a break to heal.
  • Once the Withering Ripples have been used, cast Poison on the thief, Sleep on Khint, and throw all available Fira at the thief.
  • Re-sleep Khint if he wakes up, re-poison the thief if it wears off, spam Fira on the thief, and heal as necessary.  Your White Mage has 3 BP and Rejuvenate available to use as needed.
Now that I've figured these fights out, next time for sure will be Tax on the Cupid.  Just as soon as I get Rejuvenate and the Withering Ripples ready again.

Also, thanks to the Microsoft IME Pad for helping me type the kanji (it lets you draw it and it narrows it down as you do so), since I can't read kanji lol.

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