Friday, May 9, 2014

Bravely Default Nemesis Strategy: Tax on the Cupid

The Japanese version of this nemesis has the name 3%ゾーゼー.  It's level 30, standard.  This is a re-fight of the Merchant and Spell Fencer asterisk battle, except here they have 54k HP each, and the merchant constantly uses BP boosts on the Spell Fencer, so he can constantly Brave.  You also can't run from this fight, so save before starting it.  What truly makes this fight difficult, though, is that Khint will use Sword Magic Death and bring a swift end to your party.

Recommended party:
  • 3 Black Mages, 1 White Mage.
  • Black Mages at least job level 7 for the level 3 Black Magic spells.
  • White Mage at least job level 8 for Angelic Ward
  • White Mage should have Black Magic at level 7
  • Black Mages should have White Magic at level 8
  • Angelic Ward on everyone
  • Set Miscellany as the job command on one black mage, Black Magic as the job command on your white mage, and then whatever for the others.
  • I would recommend that you be at least level 44 for this fight, so you can have over 2000 health.
Special Moves:
  • On your White Mage, set up Rejuvenate to have Cure K.O. and your best available HP/MP/BP boosts.
  • On your Black Mages, set up their Withering Ripples to have a mixture of useful things such as M.DEF Down, Speed Down, Accuracy Down, Poison Res Down, and Sleep Res Down.  Additionally, put Fire Res Down on all of them.
  • Brave with whoever has Examine, and examine both of them.
  • Build up to 3 BP on your white mage while you wait to be able to use the character that Examined again.
  • Withering Ripple go (use all three)
  • Use Sleep on Khint, and use Posion on Tax on the Cupid
  • Focus-Fira Tax on the Cupid, who will be uselessly tossing BP potions at the sleepy Khint
  • Keep Khint slept until he leaves the fight
  • Once Khint leaves, Tax on the Cupid starts spamming Takedown for 2000 armor-ignoring damage a pop, but the poison should be adding a fair amount of damage per turn, and Angelic Ward should reduce enough incoming damage to matter.
  • Pop Rejuvenate when needed
  • For me, Tax on the Cupid died from poison damage and I didn't react quickly enough to Bravely Second and toss a Phoenix Down at Tiz :(
Up next will be Mammon.  I keep getting the ones that you steal Ethers from instead of Elixirs, regardless of their level or whether or not they're Japanese.  This might take a while, as I have two more Tax on the Cupid fights to do.

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