Sunday, May 18, 2014

Castle Crashers Revisited

The Behemoth recently released Battleblock Theater on Steam, and along with it unlocked Hatty Hattington, his weapon, and his pet in Castle Crashers.  Now that I've beaten the game on normal mode with Hatty, here are my thoughts.

Since magic is what truly differentiates the characters, I of course followed my usual levelling pattern and maxed his magic, and poured all remaining stat points I gained into defense throughout the rest of the game.  He levelled up to 25 during the fight with the final boss.

He's a solid mid-tier character, whose magic deals physical damage and will thus be useful against the cultists in the last few stages.  His splash magic is a "rain objects from the sky" type.  He shoots tears for his projectile, and his aerial splash is a large green gem that will bounce once on the ground before shattering, making it a decent way to get a free hit in on wakeup.  He has a somewhat difficult time DPSing the painter boss, compared to other "rain objects from the sky" characters.

His starting weapon is +3 Magic, -1 Agility.  Fairly decent given that any character of any level can use it, but as expected of a starting weapon, it gets outclassed later on.

His pet is a golden whale that poops out money periodically.  He doesn't actually start with this pet, so you have to go to the animal ark to get it.

Overall, he doesn't really have trouble with any specific area of the game, but he also doesn't excel in any specific area of the game.  He's interesting to play given that it took so long for PC users to finally get him, but overall you're not missing a heck of a lot if you don't play him.

Also, I almost beat the stupid boss at the end of Thieves' Forest with the Industrialist in Insane Mode, so maybe I can actually pull that off sometime soon and have a go at unlocking the four remaining characters that I have left to unlock.  It would really help if I didn't have to play the level before Thieves' Forest every time I start up Insane Mode...

Edit: Holy crap I just realized that this post and the post where I tried out the demo of Castle Crashers are the only two posts on this blog about Castle Crashers.  I guess my marathon gaming spree of it was only reported to the internet via Twitter.  The tl;dr of it all is that I unlocked all of the characters you can get in normal mode, all the weapons available in normal mode, and all the pets.  This includes the stuff from the Insane store.  Personal favorite and my vote for top underdog character is the Barbarian, but the Industrialist is by far the best character in the game, with the Fencer, unlocked by beating the game with the Industrialist, playing identically to the Industrialist.

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