Wednesday, May 21, 2014


You remember it, right?  RIGHT?  The original arcade classic, quite literally designed to suck the quarters out of your pockets because your health was your gameplay timer and the more money you put in the machine, the more health you got.

Not those more recent versions on home consoles.  The original arcade (and the NES version, I guess).  If you remember any version of Gauntlet other than, well, Gauntlet when I mention the title, then you really need to go play the original Gauntlet.

Why am I posting about this?  Well, there's a modern remake of the original Gauntlet available for preorder on Steam right now.  It has updated graphics but keeps the original four classes of Warrior, Wizard, Valkyrie, and Elf.  Yeah, that's right, Elf is a class.  Not a race.

I'm ranting because people on the Steam discussion boards for this game just don't get it.  They're going "where is X?" where X is anything from the newer games.  Even though the game's store page description flat out says it's a remake of the classic Gauntlet with the classic Gauntlet classes and the classic Gauntlet gameplay.  Why, then, would you expect anything from the newer games to be there?  There's a very apparent divide on the discussion boards.  One group is going "fuck yes classic Gauntlet" and the other is going 'HURF DURF WHARS TEH JESTER CALSS DIS GAEM IZ RIPOFF AN DUZNT HAEV FEETURZ NE1 EXPEKTZ RAWR I ENTITLED".

Everything about this game says they're trying to appeal to people who look back fondly on the arcade classic, and bring it up to date with modern graphics and a few new features here and there.  Not a single thing about this game says "generic role-playing adventure game with the name Gauntlet slapped on it".

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