Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dungeon Siege

I've been watching ArchmageMelek's LP of the original Dungeon Siege, and every episode I say the same thing: "Man, this makes me want to play this game again.".

Last night I found my install discs (remember physical install media?) and installed it.

Here's where the problem began: it's an old game and its graphics options max out at 1024x768.  I'm using a 1440x900 monitor.

Thankfully the resolution options are stored in an easily editable file, so I simply changed the width and height to 1440x900.  However, even though it shows up properly in the options, I don't get the feeling it actually worked.

It looks just like it did when I fired it up set to 1024x768.  Now I know that 1440x900 isn't a heck of a lot bigger than 1024x768, but the real indication that something's not right: all the rest of my windows in my dual monitor setup moved around, which only happens when a game changes the display resolution.  So even though it says it's running at 1440x900, it's not really.  And indeed once I re-open DungeonSiege.ini, I can see that the width and height are set to 800 and 600, respectively.  If tweaking DungeonSiege.ini doesn't work, I guess command line options are my only hope.

It's still a really fun game that I hope to get back into.  I never got either of its sequels (and from what I've heard about DS3, it's a lazy console port with no real options or anything of use to a PC gamer), but I do own Legends of Aranna.  In fact, my install discs install both the full game and Legends of Aranna.  I picked up the game at Circuit City before they died a horrible fiery death, for about $30, specifically because it was the full game with the expansion included.

Edit (2014-12-18): The main menu still renders in 800x600, regardless of settings.  When you start a game, it'll bitch at you about the resolution you set, just hit OK and it'll change to the resolution you specified.

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