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Bravely Default: Farming Money with Mammon

There are a few ways to farm money, other than just repeatedly fighting battles.  One involves getting the Merchant job up really high to use an ability that heals an enemy and then charges them money based on how much they were healed for.  When set up properly, this method can be done AFK (AF3DS?) to get tons of money while you sleep.  The other method involves stealing items from the Japanese version of the Mammon nemesis.

You have to get kind of lucky when using the Update Data option, but people are sending them, so you'll get one eventually.  I've gotten several, in fact, but until today none had the correct item available to be stolen.

The key is, you want to be able to steal Elixirs from it.  Newer versions of this nemesis, including all of them with English names, have Ethers instead.  The Elixirs you steal from this Mammon are a separate item from regular Elixirs, and merchants will buy these Elixirs off of you for 25000pg each.  The trouble lies in the fact that even a Mammon with a Japanese name can't be guaranteed to be the Elixir variety we desire.  So basically, whenever you get one via StreetPass or through the Update Data option, always steal from it to see what it has.  If it's an Ether, you can go ahead and kill it.  If you get an Elixir, you may proceed.  Don't forget to protect it, also consider sending it.

Once you've got an Elixir Mammon protected, you may kill any new Mammon you receive, without bothering to check what you can steal from it.  You may notice an "opening of the floodgates", since Update Data gives you data from people that are around your level.  At a certain point, you'll hit the lowest level of people that are sending Elixir Mammons and you might even end up with Norende completely full of Elixir Mammons.  Just make sure you never kill your Elixir Mammon that you protected.

Anyway, so I got a Japanese Elixir Mammon.  Screenshot or it didn't happen, right?  Wait, you can take screenshots on the 3DS?  Why, yes you can, using Miiverse.  It's then trivial to download the image off of Miiverse and post it elsewhere.  Which is precisely what I'm doing here.

Here's the nemesis info for the correct Japanese Mammon:

And here's proof that the elixirs sell for 25000pg each:

All you need to do in order to do this is have this specific nemesis, and the Thief job, which comes with the Steal ability.  Levelling up your thief is recommended, at the very least to job level 5, which gives you Speed 20% Up, and ideally to job level 11, where you get Rob Blind.

The gist of how it works: steal an Elixir from Mammon, run from the battle, and repeat.  Once you have a full stack of Elixirs, sell them to a merchant.

The simplest method, stealing lots of Elixirs and then selling them to a merchant, can be done with a thief at any job level.  After a certain point in Chapter 1, you'll be able to use Speed 20% Up, which will pretty much guarantee that your thief will be able to act before any of your other party members.  If you have only two special ability slots and a choice between Speed 20% Up and Rob Blind, take Rob Blind.  Once you get to a certain point in Chapter 3, you'll be able to use both Speed 20% Up and Rob Blind together.  When in battle, the thief should brave three times and use Steal with all four actions.  Everyone else should run.

Getting two Elixirs per battle with Rob Blind is all well and good, but how would you like to skip the middleman and just make money directly off of Mammon?  Get your thief to job level 2 in Merchant so you can use Salesman, which shouldn't take too long.  Thief will be the primary job, and Merchant will be the job command.  You'll still need to build up a decent-sized stack of Elixirs, but leave it there and don't use/sell them.  You need these because sometimes you'll fail to steal from Mammon.  In battle, brave three times, use Salesman twice and select the Elixirs both times (if in doubt of whether you're selecting the right one, press X and verify that the description is empty), and then Steal twice.  Everyone else should run.  Your income will go up from 50000pg per battle to 120000pg per battle.  Well worth the extra setup, if you ask me.

Once you're set up, go to the Norende screen and fight Mammon.  Set your actions as described above, then engage auto mode (press Y).  Auto mode will toggle itself off before each fight, but so long as you don't change your actions, you can just hit Y to re-enable it during the before-fight cinematic and you'll be good to go.

When stealing Elixirs for later resale or as a buffer for failed steals for using the Salesman method, if you have any of the normal Elixirs, don't be fooled when you don't see your Elixir count going up.  The Elixirs you're getting from this are a separate item that appears near the bottom of the list.  If in doubt, highlight it and press X.  The Elixirs you want to sell have an empty description and a 25000pg sell value.


(Update 2014-05-25: clarified some things, corrected others, and expanded on yet a couple more things. tl;dr POST NOW MOAR BETTER)

(Update 2014-08-24: Now that I have Rob Blind, updated the last half of the post to be more accurate.)

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