Tuesday, June 23, 2009

my earpiece just broke again

This is now the THIRD earpiece that's broken on these glasses. I've had both of them replaced once already, and neither of the ones I have now are actually made for these frames. It's kinda funny going in to get it replaced because they're always like "well, we don't have one that matches it exactly" (oh teh noes whatever shall I do) and I always respond "just find an earpiece that fits and attach it so I can wear my glasses again". They're so completely concerned with form over functionality that it disgusts me.

Whoever designs these things does a real shitty job and gets paid extravagantly for it. WHY do you make an earpiece that's not solid construction with a hinge? So you can make it spring if it's hyperextended? I guess that's reasonable, except optometrists don't seem to be able to find me a pair of frames that's actually fucking wide enough for my face, so the earpieces are always hyperextended.

Their "men's" frames are always the most effeminate pieces of shit, and I have to reject tons of them to get one that's just a simple fucking metal frame with no bullshit decorations, and then within that my selection in terms of the width of the frames is always pitifully limited.

I guess this is what I get for trying to get more than a couple years out of a pair of frames, but they should realize that frames NEED TO BE FUCKING DURABLE because some people's prescriptions don't change every year.

You know what I was doing when the earpiece broke? Cleaning my glasses. I wasn't being overly reckless or anything. I was just holding them over the sink spraying the cleaning crap on them and wiping them with a paper towel (because fuck if I'm buying a "special cleaning cloth" for like $15, shit's a fucking overpriced washcloth).

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