Friday, June 12, 2009

Latest GW/GH status updates

Guild Wars

I'm finally done farming for Sunspear and Lightbringer promotion points. That's right, my ranger is now both a Legendary Spearmarshal and a Holy Lightbringer. I actually broke out the calculator and did some math (and three Sunspear-only runs) so I'd get the two titles in the same run. Now I never have to take another bounty when I'm playing in Nightfall, and the skills linked to both titles will be as awesome as possible. The title tracks continue to register points past the 50,000 needed to max each out too, which is a little weird.

Of course, as always, a screenshot.

I was so glad when they announced that this weekend's event was going to be double Sunspear/Lightbringer point gain instead of some random bullshit PvP thing. I started doing runs promptly at Noon Pacific (3 PM Eastern) when the double point bonus began, and by 7 PM Eastern, with breaks for bathroom, food, and rebooting my computer since it shits bricks when DirectX games run for an hour or so, I had the titles. I was thinking it would take the entire weekend, but instead it took four hours.

I also contributed this neat exploration glitch to GuildWiki's Portal Jumping Project. I discovered it a long time ago (before I got Legendary Cartographer), but just recently got around to making a video of it. YouTube gave it HD, which is both lulz and helpful at the same time.

Guitar Hero

I fired up GH3 to practice a few solos and stuff, and finally FCed Bulls on Parade. 288,943 points, 5.167x average multiplier, 177th on PS2. Had a few runs before the FC where I kept dropping stupid shit in the verses. The first run I make it to Kill Switch Scratch without dropping, I get the FC. Kinda random, but hey, I'll take it.

I guess the massive amount of Guitar Hero: Metallica I've been playing lately has gotten my alt-strumming bursts a little better.

Speaking of alt-strumming, take a look at War Ensemble on Expert Bass. There's some god damned alt-strumming right there. That video is on Hyperspeed 3, so the notes are spaced out a lot more than they really are. Take special note of the "purple wall" at 4:15-4:30. Pretty much 15 seconds of insanely fast alt-strumming.

Okay, that's it, I'm turning off the PS2. Constantly hearing "Rally 'round the family with a pocket full of shells" in the background is getting annoying.

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