Thursday, June 25, 2009


I'm just sitting here minding my own business playing Guitar Hero: Metallica on Expert Bass like usual. I decide to load up Enter Sandman.

1183 notes and 274,020 points later, I have a full combo and 1st place on PS2.

1st place.


I don't even know the SP path for the song. I was just playing like I always was, activating when I felt it was a good time to do so. On bass, a long string of eighth notes is about the best you can get most of the time. Figuring out a decent bass path is as simple as recognizing the verse/chorus structure of the song to know where those long strings of eighth notes are going to be, which is easy enough after a couple playthroughs of a song.

I guess I've gotten used to Enter Sandman's overall structure or something.

I've gotten some 2nd places and a couple 5th places before, but... 1st? Really?

I'll take it.

Edit: looking over my GH:M Expert Bass scores, they're all in the top 5. All the competition must be on the 360/PS3 :(

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