Thursday, June 28, 2012

Giant Brand Spicy Chicken Strips

Reviewing a store brand?  Yeah, it actually happened before.  Except this time, the directions aren't completely and utterly wrong.

One thing I've noticed with all of the Giant brand frozen food products is that there's a nice big box on the back that says at the top "How to get your party cookin'!" that then has a story or something that isn't the cooking directions in it.  The cooking directions are in a smaller box just below that one, printed in a smaller text size, and are occasionally completely wrong or omit things like "oh, there's a sauce packet you need to thaw".

If you've ever had chicken strips, you know pretty much what to expect, and they don't disappoint.  White meat chicken, breaded and fried.  The spicy part comes in with the assortment of spices they added to the breading, the most notable of which is your standard ground black pepper.  They're not too spicy, but they do have a bit of a kick.  They don't come with anything to dip them in, but they'd probably go pretty well with whatever you would think of dipping a fried chicken product in, like barbecue sauce or dijon/horseradish mustard.

If you've got a Giant near you, these are worth checking out.

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