Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Anyone who used a computer back in the days of Windows 3.1, Hotdog Stand, and canyon.mid most likely remembers a game from the Microsoft Entertainment Pack called SkiFree.

The concept is simple.  You're skiing down a slope, and there's obstacles to dodge and ramps you can jump off of.  Then once you get far enough the abominable snowman comes out and eats you.  So iconic it was referenced in the opening of Chapter 11 of Magicka.

Now, what if I told you that you could relive your memories, for free, entirely legitimately?  You'd probably go "oh, the Flash version on Newgrounds, right?"

To which I'd respond "sure, or... you could get it from the guy that originally wrote it, recompiled for modern Windows OSes, entirely free of charge."

"oh shit, link pl0x"


Either scroll down past the history of SkiFree to the download section at the bottom, or click the Download link to jump down there.  Download, unzip, run, and enjoy.

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