Saturday, June 16, 2012

Uno Deep Dish Pizza followup

Of course, as soon as I make that post where I say "Giant only has these three varieties, dunno if there's more", the next time I go to Giant I see two more.

They're the small "personal pizza" size, which is I guess why I didn't notice them.

One is simply the Cheese variety.  The other, however, is called Pizza Skins.  Basically, if you've ever had potato skins, this is that, but in pizza form.

Basically, Pizza Skins is a deep dish pizza crust, mashed potatoes in place of tomato sauce, then cheddar cheese and bacon bits.  It was surprisingly good.

The one thing I will note is that the frozen cooking time seems rather long on both of these.  In fact, it's longer than the larger pizzas.  You can get away with following the thawed directions, but make sure it's warm all the way through before declaring it done.  It will probably take some extra time on top of what is listed, but it'll be less time than the frozen directions.

So, there.  Now I've mentioned every variety of this that the Giant I shop at carries.

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