Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yay for consistency?

It's official: I've just gotten my THIRD score of 279,914 on Generation Rock. I've had to FC the song to get in the top 5 for a while now, but that's not all that hard. Still, three of the exact same score? And a while back the list had my 280,298 FC, the two 279,914s, and two 279,906s. I've since improved my top FC by 8 points (two ticks in the O hold activation, whee), but whatever.

A while back I 5-starred One. I'm damn near perfect on Fast Solo B now, I've hit the entire thing except for the red/yellow hammeron bit at the end. The zigzags (and thus, the SP) are no problem, but I usually drop in the triplets.

I keep getting stupid -1 and -3 runs on Ruby. It's like the game doesn't want me to FC the song or something. Same thing for Bulls on Parade.

Can't remember where I left off bragging about FCs, but I don't think I've mentioned Metal Heavy Lady yet. The solo activation finally cooperated with me long enough to get the FC.

Songs I'm currently really close to FCing:
Bulls on Parade (-1 in Kill Switch Scratch)
Go That Far (random stupid drops in the alt-strumming sections)
Helicopter (haven't gotten the strum speed for Get To The Choppa! and Get To The Choppa! 2 correct yet)
Hier Kommt Alex (Random drops in the Chugging Riffs)
Ruby (inevitable -1 either first note of the solo or on the quick O-(hammeron)B-YO(hold) in the chorus after it)
Story of my Life (random drops that I really should iron out)

Also last night I was playing GH2 and cleared Freebird on Expert. I'd used the training mode glitch before just because I didn't really feel like playing the song, so now it's official.

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