Monday, May 11, 2009

Disrupted signal in the radio song

Seriously, GH3? SERIOUSLY? I really dropped combo THREE FUCKING NOTES from the end of Radio Song?

Song is easy, SP path isn't. I don't seem to get the same amount of SP from the half-beat whammy bullshit that the path says I should.

Rum and coke Radio Song FC incoming? Updates as events warrant.

Edit: THERE WE FUCKING GO. 191963, 627th on PS2. Activations a bit shorter than optimal because whammying a half-beat sustain and getting all of its SP is impossible, but whatever.

Double Edit: I should combine rum and coke with Guitar Hero more often. I just got Ruby forfuckingfinally. 205646 points, 151st on PS2. Now I just need some 151 proof rum. lol.

Remember kids: Winners don't do drugs.

Triple Edit: Holy crap, I just 5-starred One again. Alcohol FTW.

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