Thursday, May 14, 2009

14 Expert Bass FCs in 24 Hours

This is the first time I've really sat down and said "okay, I'm going to FC a bunch of stuff." Bass lends itself well to full comboing, as most bass parts are really easy.

Even though I didn't care about star power paths at all, I got some pretty good scores and jetted myself up to 68th overall on PS2 World Tour Expert Bass over on ScoreHero.

Here's my scores, look at that solid section of FCs on May 13th. Wheeeeee.

I was going to go farther (I wanted the subject of this post to be 24 Expert Bass FCs in 24 hours), but American Woman was being an asshole to me. I skipped over the Tool set because they suck and shouldn't have been in the game to begin with. I suppose that if I manage to FC everything else on bass, I'll go back and pick those three songs up for a nice full game full combo, but not until then.

Bass is really pretty easy. As a general rule, you don't have to worry about chords. Some songs have them though. Open notes are the most confusing thing for me on bass, because as they scroll down, I'm trying to process "okay, there's a purple (sometimes white) line across the fretboard, what do I do?" and can end up missing or trying to strum it while holding a fret. Open notes require more brain processing since you have to worry not only about releasing all the fret buttons, but positioning your hand correctly so you can hit the note after it. They only get worse when they're involved in HO/PO strings. Then there's the awkward places where you can tell that the open note really should be a sustain.

After playing a lot of bass, I've become rather annoyed at the combination of the inclusion of the purple fretboard and the fact that you can't choose your own character for single player quickplay. Even after having gone into all of the preset characters and changing anyone whose bass fretboard was the purple one to something else, I still have to cope with it because sometimes it randomly generates a character instead of using a preset one. Why put a fretboard in there that disguises open notes? Seriously Neversoft, what were you thinking?

Also, I've been trying to finish career on one instrument, but I've been running into the crashes I mentioned in my original post about World Tour. I've gotten most of the sets in Bass career unlocked, but some of them annoy me because you have to pay to play them. This would be less of an issue if the game didn't crash between songs on some sets, or if the game saved per-song on each set instead of at the end of the set's encore.

The only reason I'm trying to finish career is because, in Neversoft's infinite wisdom, the "unlock all songs in quickplay" code leaves one song locked, and you have to complete career mode to unlock it. I don't know if I want Pull Me Under by Dream Theater, but I'm kind of a completionist and at the very least I'd like to sightread it. The only exception to the completionist rule where I've intentionally left a song locked is Yes We Can in GH2, universally regarded as the worst song in all of Guitar Hero.

On a slightly different note, jameslikecoulter's video parodying the stupid comments that GH/RB players get on YouTube is fucking hilarious.

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