Thursday, April 2, 2015

Two New StreetPass Games

According to a Nintendo Direct released yesterday, we're getting some weird Premium StreetPass Plaza that can hold 100 or so specifically-selected Miis, as well as two brand new StreetPass games.  One game is a fishing game, the other is a zombie game.  Personally, I still want a StreetPass racing game.  Apparently the games will be $5 each, or $8 for both, and there's a separate $5 charge for the Premium StreetPass Plaza.  I'll definitely be getting the games, dunno about the premium plaza.

Regardless, I will once again embark on a quest for 100% completion.  However, rather than updating the post I already have about finishing the StreetPass games, I'll make a new one when I get back to 100% completion.  That'll also serve as some record keeping for how many puzzle pieces there are before the new games come out, for anyone who cares.

They've been putting out new Puzzle Swap panels on about a monthly basis recently, so... will we get a new panel alongside all these things?  Who knows.  The 16th is also a Thursday, so... taking brand new StreetPass games to a CAINE meeting lol.

Edit: Here's all the information you need about the new stuff, straight from the source.  Thanks for the link, /r/3DS.

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