Sunday, April 12, 2015

Chrono Trigger DS Sidebar Update

Since everyone's maxed out, the table was just a bunch of zeroes and stars.  So, I've changed it to reflect what I'll be working on with a lower priority than Bravely Default SCIENCE! and Chrono Cross: the six items found exclusively in the Arena of the Ages.

Once again, I've played around with the CSS, partly to stroke my own boner, and partly to get around Blogger's own boner-stroking and a CSS nuance.  The list of items is an unordered list, with the normal bullets hidden and the Unicode "empty checkbox" and "checked checkbox" characters placed in front via CSS classes.  However, I had to get around a CSS nuance in that placing the HTML entities for those characters in the content rule of the li:before just caused the entity text to be printed literally instead of being properly interpreted as an entity.  My first attempt at addressing that was just to copy and paste the actual characters into my CSS, but Blogger decided to be helpful and turned them back into entities, which got printed literally.  So, stackoverflow to the rescue, and I'm using regular old C-style escape sequences.

I mean, yes, I could just stick the character, or the entity representation thereof, in front of the text and just use a bunch of <br /> tags.  But that's not how I roll.

Anyway, since I mentioned Bravely Default SCIENCE!, I might as well say that the first thing up is a bit of an in-depth look into what affects the power of the Rejuvenation special move, with the goal of getting the number on the sent move to be as high as possible.  Even though the amount will be recalculated on the recipient's side and they won't see the full number without perfectly replicating the setup used to generate it.  If I had a second 3DS and a second copy of Bravely Default, I could test what actually does get transferred...

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