Saturday, April 18, 2015

StreetPass Mii Plaza: Birthdays!

After getting the plaza update and paying the $5 for the VIP room and birthday calendar, I went to a CAINE meeting and got three people because my 3DS is really ornery these days and refuses to streetpass the person sitting next to me.

Then I went to sleep.


I started HomePassing, and it ended up being the longest HomePass session ever, lasting about 9 hours, with a break for dinner and walking the dog.  I ended up at 281 of 366 birthdays from that session.

I've moved on today and gotten to 304/366, and the incoming birthdays have slowed down quite a bit, as you could expect.  I'll probably have a remedy for this soon, though, because I do plan on getting a New 3DS, and I'm keeping my current one.  I do plan to fully exploit being able to streetpass myself, especially in combination with HomePass so I can do it repeatedly.  I wonder how long it'll take to get all the puzzle pieces a second time...

The whole "collecting birthdays" thing is interesting only because you get plaza tickets as rewards.  Looking through the list, there is absolutely nothing that you have to do anything special to get.  Once you've gotten the plaza ticket for getting all 366 days, that's it, you've got all the plaza tickets for the birthday calendar, no questions asked.  Some of the plaza tickets highlight an annoyance I've had with games for a while now: They don't tell you what you need to do for some of the plaza tickets.  It's the same with the accomplishments, some of them just show up as question marks and then later, once you've already gotten the plaza ticket or accomplishment, you get to see how you were supposed to get it.  Secret achievements and the like are one thing, but they're usually limited to one or two per game, which is nowhere near this many.

Oh well.  At any rate, I have all the months down to needing less than 10 days.

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