Saturday, April 25, 2015

Chrono Fever: Time for Chrono Cross

Didn't I say I'd do Final Fantasy 4 next and finish off Project 'Bout Fuckin' Time?  Yes, yes I did.  However, I've already delayed Project 'Bout Fuckin' Time so much, what's a little more delay on top of that.  I need some Chrono Cross in my life.

For whatever reason, people like to ignore the existence of Chrono Cross.  I don't know if they genuinely don't know about it, or if they're purposefully denying its existence.  Whatever the case, Chrono Cross is a really good game, and they're missing out on it.  Yeah, I know, it's different from Chrono Trigger.  Yeah, I know the battle mechanics changed completely.  It's still a really good game, and not worth overlooking.

So, for anyone who doesn't already know, I'll recap my experience with Chrono Cross.  A long time ago, I got the game and started playing it.  While I didn't get to the second disc, I still got pretty far in the game.  Then, for whatever reason (or the lack thereof), I put it down and haven't played it since.  Being that I don't remember where I was or what I was doing, I'm just going to start over.  Which is fine by me, since I don't fully remember everything that happened.

All of that was typed in advance of actually starting Chrono Cross.  I don't really plan on doing session posts like I did with Rogue Galaxy, but I will post if something interesting happens.  After the break will be kind of a summary of the beginning of the game.

I do have the old BradyGames strategy guide for Chrono Cross, which I'm only slightly using.  It tells you when you're able to forge the next tier of equipment, as well as how to recruit each character.  I doubt I'll ever use it for much else, except maybe for finding the hidden dialogue box themes.  All the actual gameplay is only being directed by myself, especially after I reach the point where I was previously and begin to actually play blind once again.

After the opening sequence, which is an eerily-foreshadowy-type dream sequence, I immediately killed time in Arni Village stealinggrabbing items from people's houses, doing the combat tutorial to refresh my memory, recruiting Poshul, etc.  After talking to Leena to progress the story, I was off to a nearby area to get some Komodo scales for a necklace, and eventually to meet up with Leena at the beach.  I grabbed the scales and did some extra fights just because of the post-battle stat boosts.  You know, true-to-my-nature early game grinding for fun and profit.  I saved and shut it off just before the beach, because as I remember, shit happens at the beach, and I have a life, so therefore I meet up with friends on Saturday nights to go have fun.  I'll get dragged into everything later.


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