Monday, June 7, 2010

I Wish This Firefox Extension Existed

Can you blame me for being too lazy to sift through the currently 28 pages of results on the Firefox Add-ons site for "image"?  Well, I actually did.  Most of them are stupid and/or unneeded.  Like the extensions that add search plugins, or all the ones that add functionality that already exists in Firefox's options.  Seriously, what?

What I want: An extension that shows an item in the context menu when I right click an image that will temporarily save that image to my hard drive so I can upload it elsewhere, and then delete it after a set amount of time.  My hard drive is clogged with images that I saved to upload elsewhere exactly once and then forgot about.

It should work in a "set it and forget it" manner where the set amount of time is configured in its options rather than having to select it from a submenu or something.  It might also keep track of the image URLs I've used it with in case I need an image again for something.  The directory it temporarily saves images to should be configurable, so I know exactly where the image is to select it on the site I want to upload it to.

I've tried writing extensions and I just don't have the patience needed to read through the cumbersome documentation.  If I could write it myself, I would.

The aforementioned search turns up a number of extensions to upload any image on the internet to a free image host like imageshack, photobucket, etc. as well as a ton of really obscure free image hosts.  All I want is temporary saving so I can upload anywhere.

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