Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blogger progress

I noticed a couple days ago that the awesome preview feature that — get this — actually shows you exactly what your post is going to look like when you hit publish got moved over from Blogger in Draft.  It still has the bug where their element they place over the page to prevent you from clicking anything is positioned using position: absolute; rather than position: fixed; and thus scrolls with the page instead of staying in place, but maybe, hopefully, they can fix that.  If they don't, there's always Stylish.

What I didn't notice until just now is that "Customize" in the navbar has changed to "Design" and that the new template designer has also been moved over.  Going through it, I notice a spot for custom CSS, which is basically exactly why I ever used Edit HTML in the first place.  Funny little thing about using Edit HTML: if the template you're using gets updated, you don't get those updates.  I suspect that's what's lead to my headache with the things at the bottom of all my posts not showing up correctly.

So over the course of the next few days, if this blog looks radically different, I've been playing with the template designer.  Now that there's an easy way to get the look I want, I might as well use it, right?  Right?  I certainly hope there isn't some hidden drawback.  You can even adjust the width of your blog in it, which I had added a custom template variable to do so it was easily changeable and I didn't have to put the same value in five different places or whatever.

This place has needed a bit of a redesign anyway.  It's had a black background, red lines, grey text, and white links since, well, since I created it.  I've gone over two years with the same theme, so it might be time for a change.

Wonder when the new post editor will get moved over.  Its image management is way better and should make wallpaper updates a ton easier to do.  And when will they be adding the ability for us to make our own post editor tool buttons so we can easily apply custom CSS to content in our posts?

Edit: I transferred the blog over to the new template editor and pasted in all my old custom CSS.  It should look and function exactly like it did before, except now I can use the new template editor to change things.  Also, the stuff that should be at the bottom of each post is there once again, which is awesome.  I hate that custom CSS doesn't have access to the template variables (which act more like constants, but whatever), but maybe if we ask Google really nicely they'll change that?  Also, I can probably use jump breaks now.

Edit 2: or can custom CSS use template variables?  I just looked in Edit HTML, and I found my custom CSS.  Hmm.  They probably sanitize them if found, just to be annoying.

Edit 3: well, it didn't get sanitized, but it also appears to not be parsing it.  A big middle finger to you, Google.

Edit 4: I had to add an XSS protection exception to NoScript so that the layout editor would work properly.  If this is affecting any random person reading this, the line to add is: ^https?://[^\.]+\.blogspot\.com/b/preview

Edit 5: issue and solution reported on NoScript's forums.

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