Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Blogger In Draft

Overall it's nice, and the actual real post preview feature needs to be implemented in the regular post editor immediately.

Albeit with one tweak.

Their "click trap" element they overlay on the post so that you can't click any of the links or anything in the preview window is positioned with absolute positioning instead of fixed positioning.  Meaning if the post preview has any vertical scroll whatsoever, the region below the first screenful isn't click-trapped.  Simply changing position: absolute; to position: fixed; will fix this issue entirely.

Also if the new post editor would stop adding spaces to the end of every single line, that would be awesome.  This happens both in the Blogger In Draft editor and the regular one.  Seeing as how the only way to get the Blogger In Draft editor is to go back out to the Dashboard and then enter Edit Posts from there.  That needs fixing too, if I've enabled Blogger In Draft, I should be able to use its features without having to go to the dashboard first.

And when will we get Dashboard and Edit Posts links at the top of our own blogs?

Edit (9:16 PM): One thing I just noticed is the ability to add images directly from your Picasa account.  I guess now I'll have to do another wallpaper update just to try it out.  Once I get a couple more wallpapers and do the one or two detexts I need to do, we'll see.

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