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We all love them, right?  Well, whatever.  I just got to thinking what achievements I'd put in some games that don't have them.  I've been playing Chrono Trigger a lot lately, and the two overlapped...

First things first: I hate achievements that are unavoidable or that you get for entirely too easy things.  Getting past a certain part of a game does not warrant an achievement unlock.  I'm not saying there shouldn't be easy achievements, but I am saying you should have to use your brain and/or do things you might not have otherwise thought about doing to get an achievement.

Now that I've said that, on to the main feature: Achievements I'd add to Chrono Trigger.  Also, notes about how they could or should be obtained where relevant.
  • Low Level: Beat Lavos with Crono at level 1
    • This is indeed possible, you just have to run from battles (hold both shoulder buttons) until you get the Wallet (which is after powering up the pendant), and let Crono die in all forced battles.
    • Crono will only get six experience from one battle, the forced battle when you first arrive in 600 AD.
    • This is basically the "complete a low level run" achievement.  If you get it, major props.
  • Girl Power: Beat Lavos using Marle, Lucca, and Ayla
    • It shouldn't be too hard.  If Ayla's levelled enough, TripleKick will kill the left bit in Lavos' final form with one use and then you can unleash hell.  Marle has *Cure 2 and *Life 2, and Ayla has Kiss, so healing and revival are covered if needed.
  • Flawless Victory: Win a battle without taking damage
    • Another relatively easy one.  Just before the end of the game, go back to 1000AD Guardia Forest and fight something.  You'll likely get it.
  • Stealth Master: Get through an area containing enemies without triggering a single battle
    • Either 600AD or 1000AD Guardia Forest is good for this, but I've done it in 600AD Cursed Woods as well. It's also possible in 65milBC Mystic Mts. after beating the Tyrano Lair, as the pair of Kilwalas that prevent you from doing it up until this point are gone.
  • Maxed Out: Get all characters to level **
    • Just takes time, really.  Either go with the cookie-cutter strategy and do Geno Dome levelling, or do the one fight in Black Omen that gives you 2064 experience and a HyperEther over and over again (and sell off batches of 99 HyperEthers for 495000 G).
    • Useful note: It's faster to level Lucca and Marle out of party due to their low attack damage.
  • I've Got The Power: Defeat Magus before he casts *Dark Matter
    • Either overlevel your characters or do this on New Game +.  Not too difficult if you bring enough damage.
  • Critical Damage: Deal 9999 damage with a regular attack
    • Maybe better known as the "Get Ayla to Level 96 achievement".  Once you've done that, it's only a matter of time.
  • Chewbacca Defense: Get found innocent in the trial
    • Talk to Marle before getting the pendant, take the cat back to the girl, ignore the guy's lunch, talk to Melchior and refuse to talk Marle into selling her pendant, don't press anything while Marle's deciding what to buy, then answer "Not tempted" and "I started it" in the trial.  There you go.
  • Hi, Mom!: Introduce everybody to Crono's mom
    • loleasy.
    • The best time to do this is just after recruiting Magus and resurrecting Crono.
    • Or you could do it as you go along.  Whatever.
  • Asleep At The Controller: Lose a battle that results in a game over
    • Most games have a failure achievement...  or at least Guitar Hero 3 does.
    • There are a few battles that it doesn't matter if you win or lose (Lavos at the end of Ocean Palace you're technically supposed to lose, which is why you get the developers' ending if you win).
    • To get the achievement you have to lose one that you're required to win (i.e. most battles).
  • Time Exploitation: Use time travel to loot the same chest twice
    • Get the chest in 1000AD, then time travel to 600AD and get it again.  Easy.
  • Upgrade: Get a powered up version of an item from a sealed chest
    • Open a sealed chest in 600AD, when it says an item inside is reacting to the pendant, leave the item in the chest.  Go get the same sealed chest in 1000AD.
  • Cyrus Avenged: Defeat Magus in the North Cape with just Frog
    • Put Frog in the party, talk to him and select Yes, and Frog will send your other party members away.
    • You really just have to be levelled enough.
  • Can't Keep Me Down: Get through the Blackbird without getting thrown back in your holding cell
    • Two ways to make this easy.  Either know where to go to get your first party member's equipment (the guard in the room is asleep and you can just grab the chest), or put Ayla in your party before getting captured by Dalton.  They can't take her fists away.
  • Oh, The Irony: Get someone to talk about Magus' defeat while Magus is in your party
    • lol, talk to someone in Guardia.  Plenty of people talk about it in both 600AD and 1000AD.
  • Why Pay?: Sleep everywhere that you can sleep for free.
    • Well, anywhere you can recover HP/MP that triggers the sleep fanfare and doesn't cost money.  Note that this fanfare is triggered a few times as you progress through the story, those don't count.
    • 65milBC: Chief's Hut
    • 12000BC: Terra Cave, Last Village
    • 600AD: Guardia Castle
    • 1000AD: Crono's House
    • 2300AD: nothing I can remember (Enertrons don't trigger the fanfare)
  • Autopilot: Win a battle with all three party members having the Berserker equipped
    • Pretty much only possible in New Game + unless there's two charms for it I'm not aware of.
    • If you're worried about dying, pick an easy battle.  1000AD Guardia Forest or something.
    • Props if you get this and Flawless Victory in the same battle.
  • Active Time: Beat Lavos with the Battle Mode set to Active.
    • Good fucking luck.  Activefags are so annoying.
Also probably an appropriately-named achievement for getting each ending.  The Playstation version names all the endings, so there's our achievement names.

I'd provide achievement point values, but not every platform with achievements gives points towards a "gamer score".  Steam might be the odd one out, I dunno.

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