Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chrono Trigger update

It's been a while.  So what's going on?

I'm doing another playthrough to the true ending.  I've gotten everyone's speed maxed out, all that's left is magic.  I only need 166 more magic tabs, which should be maybe three or four more true ending playthroughs.  Crono only needs 10 more magic tabs to be maxed out, which will happen before this run ends.

This second time through the entire story is going exceptionally quickly.  I've completed the main story and am at the side quests, and I think I've only put a bit over 9 hours on the save.  I wasn't even going fast, I've been hitting chests that I know I don't need and fighting pointless battles (with the wallet equipped, to get money, for no reason).

Defeated Magus in three hits and four spells.  Two hits with the Masamune in the beginning to get him to change his barrier (he changed to fire, my party was Crono/Frog/Marle so I had no fire), hit him again with Crono, he changed to water/ice.  Whacked him with Ice 2, he didn't change so I whacked him with it again.  He changed, but changed to water/ice (lol, not really a change).  Whacked him with Ice 2 a third time, he risked casting a spell (i.e. below half health, second phase begin).  Hit him with Luminaire and it was all over.

I've been noting some things that I've never actually done in-game.  I'm thinking since I'm playing it again I should go do them at some point:
  • Defeat Lavos without reviving Crono - this one has to happen anyway, you get a special ending for it
  • Kill Magus instead of recruiting him - I guess I just like *Dark Matter too much
  • Defeat Magus with just Frog - it's possible, but I've never attempted it
  • Get all the prizes from Norrstein Bekkler's Lab in the Millenial Fair - srsly, there's a lot of stuff to get.  You can fill Crono's house with cats and get a clone of each character as well as a character-theme-playing Poyozo Doll for each character.
  • Leave the real Chancellor in the chest after defeating Yakra - lol.
  • Beat the top score of 2110 in the 2300 AD bike race - you only find out about this score in the developers' room.  It's a wtf hax score.
  • Beat Lavos with just Crono - I don't even know if you can do this.  I've done it with Crono and Marle, and Marle is barely needed (just to refill Crono's MP every now and then), so...  Start Taban and Lucca talking about the teleporter to get Marle to stand back, then use the sparkle on the right pod instead of going onto the left one?  Does it actually remove her from your party for that or is it just storyboarded that way?  I guess I could go get Marle killed after she joins the party.  That would work.
  • Defeat Magus in two spells - this is just luck really.  Magus goes from the first phase (barriers) to the second phase (*Dark Matter) when his HP goes below half, and *Luminaire deals over half his health in damage to him...
  • Name the people that use fake names with their real names when given the opportunity.  So...
    Marle = Nadia
    Frog = Glenn
    Robo = R66Y
    Magus = Janus
Also I think I fucked up one of the sidequests.  I don't seem to be able to start Fiona's side quest.  Oh well.

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