Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snowed In

So most of Virginia has been hit by the biggest blizzard in over a decade. We got about a foot and a half of snow here in Charlottesville. Since pictures of things covered in snow are cool (no pun intended), here's a few pictures.

The back porch. The snow is piled up higher than it actually should be, I think most of it fell off the roof. That and my dad did some slight shoveling so the snow wouldn't be right up against the house.

Plenty of trees in my back yard to get covered with snow. None have fallen down, thankfully. Though a week or so ago, when the weather was perfectly fine, a random tree fell down and took out a portion of our neighbor's backyard fence. They still haven't gotten it fixed.

The front sidewalk. My mom has this thing for going out and shoveling while it's still snowing, so now we get to tease her since three or four inches fell after she shoveled.

My dad's truck, and a few trees. Maybe later I'll put my snow boots on and get pictures of some of the trees. Who knows.

My mom's car, on the left, and way in the back you can see a vaguely car-shaped pile of snow that's covering my car. That's an all-weather American flag, that my parents like to leave out year-round. You can barely see the top of my mom's UVa banner thing.

All I can say is, this shit better melt off before MAGFest. Actually, if it could melt off enough for us to go to the store next Thursday and get our usual week's worth of groceries, that would be awesome. I'd like to be able to eat.

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